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About Us

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The Market Jindabyne is all about the good stuff! Fresh produce, bulk  foods, organics, local produce, ethically made goods and vintage fashion and accessories.

Our coffee shop offers a spot to relax with an organic coffee, loose leaf tea, house made hot chocolate, or a cheeky chai.. no worries and no hurries.. For warmer days we've got you covered with freshly made organic juices and a full smoothie menu including our famous smoothie bowls!


Our menu offers wholesome food options with someone for everyone's dietary preferences; and our treats cabinet is filled with classic old fashioned treats to satisfy your sweet tooth.

Our store stocks all sorts of goodies, from basics like locally made sourdough, milk, free range eggs and local honey. To specialty items like protein powder, superfoods, vitamins and supplements, loose leaf tea and organic coffee, gluten free goodies and quality chocolate treats. Our produce table is filled with organic and local fruits and vegetables and our fridges with organic cheeses, locally smoked deli meats, sauerkraut and delicious drinks. You'll also find lots of lifestyle items like keep cups, drink bottles, beauty products, hair care and crystals.

The Market also offers bulk foods because shopping in bulk is a fantastic way to consume less single use plastic.. In an effort to lessen our impact on mother earth we encourage steps such as bringing your re-usable produce bags, glass jars, snack sacks & containers to fill. We do our part by providing paper bags for your bulk foods and when checking out (or  recycled boxes). There is also a selection of complimentary glass jars available that can be filled with bulk goods.
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